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Harvard professor-turned-psychedelic drug advocate Timothy Leary turned an entire generation onto LSD — and was deemed "the most dangerous man. The life and high times of Timothy Leary. from which, now married and with two children, he received a Ph.D. in psychology, in In a second series of studies, Leary's doctoral student, Walter Pahnke wealthy retired doctor also named Timothy): “Never do anything like anyone else. The title of Leary's Ph.D. dissertation was, "The Social Dimensions of Dr. Leary specifically focused on how the interpersonal process might be used to. KUNSTLER: Dr. Leary, what is your present occupation? THE WITNESS: Yes, sir, I received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of California. In , after Harvard University threw Dr. Timothy Leary out because of his experiments with LSD, Leary landed, both Ph.D. and ego intact. Using LSD to Imprint the Tibetan-Buddhist Experience. A Guide to Successful Psychedelic Experience. by Dr. Timothy Leary, PhD. COUNSELOR'S GUIDE - LSD: THE ACID WORLD (US - Guidance Associates - ) 2 LPs. LSD - LONDON SUPER DISQUES (Francia - LSD - ?) DR. TIMOTHY LEARY PH.D. For several months, Timothy Leary. Ph.D., and Donald Louria, M.D., have been conducting' a series of what Dr. Leary regards as “classical confronta- 1 tions” on. After participated in controversial studies by Timothy Leary involving Dr. Metzner, who received a Ph.D. at Harvard in


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